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Claims Purchasing

"The future is uncertain because it makes it possible for anything to happen."

Create your own certainty by working with us. The truth is, due to the nature of class action lawsuits, no one can estimate how much your claims will be worth in the future or even when they will be paid out. At Optium Capital, we have the expertise to evaluate and project the value of your claims so we can make you an offer for them today. We're so confident in our process that we're willing to put our own money on the line. When you sell us your claims, you're transferring the risk of owning these assets to us.

  • Get paid up front
  • No dealing with attorneys or claim administrators
  • Free up your staff, in-house counsel, or outside counsel
  • Quick and easy process
  • Zero cost or risk

You can file a claim yourself and wait for its multi-year payout or you can sell us your claim today. Instead of spending your valuable time, money, and resources dealing with attorneys and claim administrators, cash your check from us and use the extraordinary income to run and grow your business. Even if you have in-house staff to handle your legal affairs and claims filing, why take them away from matters that are important to the daily operations of your business?

Whether it's running your hotel, grocery store, or e-commerce business, focus on doing what you do best and leave the risk of owning these future receivables to us. Get your piece of the pie before everyone else does. 

Claims Filing

When selling your claims is not right for your firm, we also offer claims filing services.

*Payment Card Interchange Fee Claim forms are not yet available from the Class Administrator. When claim forms do become available, class members are not required to sign up with any third-party service in order to participate in the monetary relief, but may instead file their claim directly with the Class Administrator. The claim form will inform most class members of their actual or estimated interchange fees on which it is proposed their claims will be paid. Claimants may accept or dispute this estimate with the opportunity to submit additional information. No-cost assistance will be available from the Class Administrator and Class Counsel during the claims-filing period. For additional information, class members may visit, the Court approved website for this case.